The Essential Workshop For Serious Podcasters

Learn how to get more subscribers, sign ups, and opportunities out of every episode.
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Your story needs to be heard

We're living in a time where anyone (and everyone) is becoming their own media company. It's easier than ever to start a podcast and share a message.

If you're a host you put in so much time and effort writing, recording, and booking guests. Then you produce the episode and the whole time you're editing the conversation you're cringing at the sound of your own voice.

If you're a guest you're getting booked on shows but you feel like you forgot about many of the best points you wanted to talk about, and you're deflated with yet another lack luster appearance that doesn't get visits to your site, buyers of your book, or even a single like on social.

While there are more and more guides that focus on the technical details of podcasting (what's the best mic?!), we have seen nobody focusing on the most important details: how to use your voice to build a connection with listeners that lasts.

The name for this is "media training" and the lessons you learn aren't limited to podcasting. If you find yourself on the morning news, terrestrial radio, or national television then you'll be certain that you'll do a great job.

Know exactly what to say, how to say it, what to expect and manage every single detail for an appearance that gets you exactly what you want out of it.

Jonathan Pritchard

Your Instructor
With more than 20 years spent on stage, in front of the TV camera, and behind the microphone for 150+ podcast appearances, Jonathan brings a ton of experience to the table.

He has been a paid consultant to BP, State Farm, Criss Angel, and other world class clients. He's an author, consultant, and speaker.

Two Options

Level up your experience


10 Week Private Membership Group
5 Live AMA Zoom Calls
3 Training Zoom Calls
10 Weeks Followup


Everything In Standard
60 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session


Never be nervous again. Show up to every call like a rock star.


Land bigger opportunities by looking & sounding like a professional.


Be prepared for other broadcast media opportunities like TV + radio. No matter how big the audience, you'll make the most out of the appearance.


Have the opportunity to ask your exact questions & get answers from someone who's been there & done that.


By the end of the workshop you'll be a master at owning the mic!


Multiple sessions in multiple dimensions.


3 sessions with world class insights, guidance, and advice. There will be time for Q&A at the end. Replays available to workshop members within 24 hours.


5 "Ask Me Anything" sessions where you get to ask about anything/everything you can think of. Each is an hour long. What if you can't make it to the call? You'll have a week to ask your question inside the membership group, and then have it answered live in the session.


As soon as you sign up you'll be added to a secret community. Once inside you'll have access to live group chat, post updates + stories, see the schedule of events, ask questions, get to know other workshop members, and more. It's a robust system and you'll be seriously impressed!


VIP level attendees get a 30 minute session with Jonathan. This opportunity, alone, is worth its weight in gold. He will identify the biggest opportunities to improve your skills and give you powerful strategies for long term success.


We have some surprises up our sleeves! You'll get the opportunity to hear from professional podcasters about what it takes to be a great guest, a better host, sponsorship-worthy, and more. . .